New Casino Slots 2019

Are you a slots fanatic wanting to keep up with the hottest new casino slot games on the market? Then you’ve arrived at the right place! Slotathon is a dedicated site bringing you all the latest new slots for 2019 that promise innovative technology, cutting-edge graphics and tempting bonuses and jackpots that (unlike other games) making playing worthwhile.

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What’s more, our constantly-updated database of new slots games includes free-to-play demos, so you can discover how the gameplay works and get a feel for how the pay-out systems work. Then, once you have found a game you love, simply switch over to the real money version.

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New Casino Slot Games

Ready to get started with some of the best new slots online today?

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Discover what the latest slots offer

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, bringing players a more exciting experience with each and every new release and update.  The latest 20 slot games released and added to the Slotathon site is below.

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The same goes for the online casino sector, although certain types of games are relatively restricted in terms of what developers can improve upon. For example, a classic game like blackjack is generally better left untouched, and as the saying goes, you can’t reinvent the (roulette) wheel!

New casino slots, however, are a different story. As experienced players are probably aware, these dynamic games are far more complex than your average casino or dealer game. Back in the day, slots started out as mechanical devices that simply used a leaver to spin three reels; each one would stop in a random position, with the aim of the game to match up symbols to win corresponding prizes (hence the name, ‘one-armed bandit’ machines).

Today, new casino slot games have been digitalized, meaning multiple reels can be used in each game, with different pay-lines (instead of just one through the center), not to mention the endless bonus rounds, in-game cut-scenes, 3D graphics and immersive sound effects.

For people not in the know, the whole concept of a slots machine game is to simply spin three reels and hope to match up different symbols across one central line. Oh how times have changed! This single winning pay line quickly increased to 3 (i.e. top, middle and bottom), but now new games can feature potentially thousands.

It’s also common to find the latest online slots taking on fun themes – for example, the symbols may correspond to your favourite TV characters, arcade games and follow a sports theme.

You can also take advantage of our range of games here that offer ‘wild symbols’. Instead of matching up different combinations of symbols, these types of games use ‘stacked wilds’ that are spread across the entire reel window that is in view on your computer or smartphone screen.

This equates to significantly more winning combinations that are possible with each and every spin. Some wild symbols also stay ‘sticky’ (sticky wilds); this is where the symbol automatically stays in place for a number of spins – again, this is to maximize your chances of winning.

With more possible winning lines in video slots, the more chances you have to win. This feature can make new games more complicated to play at first (which is why free spins are so useful). However, once you get into the game, these modern video slots are far more immersive than the simplistic old versions with only one to three paylines. A word of warning though; the more you play, the more likely you are to want to spend hours trying to master each game. It is always a good idea to bet only what you can afford – and take regular breaks from the screen even when you are winning.

Play wherever you want!

Another great thing about the scene at the moment is that all of the new mobile slots can be played on any kind of smartphone or tablet while on the go. There are literally hundreds of online casinos which offer brand new slots; the only difference is instead of clicking away with a mouse, you are swiping or touching buttons on your phone or tablet screen. Obviously, having a stable Wi-Fi connection or reliable 3G/4G is needed, but most of these games won’t take up too much of your phone’s space or bandwidth.

New free slots no download

It should be worth noting here that many of the new casino slots 2019 listed on Slotathon can be played via desktop PC, through your phone’s web browser (like Chrome or Safari) or even downloaded to your Android or Apple device. The new casino slot games don’t cost anything to download (new free slots no download no registration), although to play for real money you should organize a way of uploading funds using a credit card or PayPal.

For more on this, we advise reading the banking terms and conditions of each individual casino provider – although all free new casino slots have been developed by trusted and licensed online casino companies.

Progressive games

Another development slots players like to keep an eye out for are new progressive games – also known as progressive jackpot games. As one of the best types of new free slots bonus games, these feature increasing jackpots; i.e. as time goes on and nobody wins, the jackpot amount accumulates. Often, thousands of players are simultaneously contributing to the jackpot at the same time, especially with new slots, so you can expect five or even six-figure payouts on some of the more popular progressive games. Essentially, these games cypher off a small percentage of the amount a player bets on each spin. This is only a minimal amount, but it means that you don’t have to risk huge sums of money in order to be in with a chance of winning a large amount (unlike games like roulette and poker where you probably need a sizeable bankroll if you want to win big). The concept is similar to that of a state or national lottery: lots of people can enter for only a small amount of money with there being one (or several) big winners each time.

The increasing trend for progressive jackpot games is just one of the innovations that we have seen over the years, and we fully expect this new casino games slots trend to continue through 2019 and beyond.

New Vegas slots – choosing a suitable online site

A range of new games gives you a wide selection of games to choose from, whatever your taste. For example, some of our new Las Vegas slots feature impressive graphics, immersive sound effects and fun gameplay that involves more than just spinning those reels. On the other hand, Slotathon’s new slots online also feature some of the more classic games where players simply have to match up common symbols (like those iconic fruits, Lucky 7s or Bar symbols) to win prizes. Check out our range of free new Vegas slots to find these kinds of games.

For another type of new casino slot game, you might want to pick one of our themed video-style slot games that often include hundreds of different paylines to add an exciting new dimension to the game. We have hundreds of free to play slots games on our site, and regularly add new no download slots to our list of available games on a regular basis.

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New free slots – why free play games are so popular?

New free casino slot games have come thick and fast over the last few years, and Slotathon lists out the most popular new releases through 2019. So, what exactly are new free casino slots?

New free slots machines that are released are entering an incredibly saturated market; this means developers and game marketers face stiff competition in terms of obtaining new players and getting them to continue playing. After all, it’s no secret that the casino always has the slight upper-hand in the long run.

As a result, these latest slots online offer players with virtual credit or tokens which allows them to play each game – hence the name – free spins. These are especially great for those players who want to try out a new real money slots game without risking their actual money first. So, game companies normally offer a few spins (sometimes around 10, sometimes more) as a type of new slots bonus. The players can then use up their spins without committing any money – and can still win real money with their free spins. It is worth noting here that different games have different rules in terms of how you can withdraw any winnings you make with your free spins; for example, you may have to play for a certain amount of time or upload real money before making a withdrawal. These terms and conditions can normally be read within each game.

New bonus slots – tips on choosing the best new slots bonus

As mentioned before, the latest casino slots are always offering new bonuses and promotions to entice players, and this can stretch much further than just a few spins.

Some games do require an initial deposit to qualify for a particular bonus but most do not (you may see these referred to as ‘new online slots bonus no deposit’ or ‘new online slots no deposit bonus’).

One of the most innovative features of modern games today is their exciting bonus rounds. The concept of bonus rounds didn’t exist when fruit machines first came onto the market in places like Vegas, but with advances in technology and online gaming, bonus rounds are now more dynamic and advanced than ever. Just look out for new slots no deposit bonus here on Slotathon to get started today.

In fact, many of the latest slots feature whole game-in-game action where users can play a game that resembles something more like what you would be used to on a PC or games console, rather than a gambling machine. That means new free slots games are more than just hitting a button and hoping the random outcome is a winning one; there are now decisions you can make within each bonus round which will influence the result of the outcome (and ultimately how much money you win). Please remember to check back regularly with the Slotathon site to receive the latest casino bonuses free slots offers. We aim to update the site regularly with both free games as well as the latest real money slots that have been released by software developers.

New free online slots – which developers should I look out for?

More developers are available to choose than ever before, although most of the top names still dominate the market and you will find all of their top free new slots games listed here on Slotathon.

For example, the likes of Net Ent, Microgaming, 1×2 slots, Playtech, Betsoft slots, Bally, NetEnt slots, IGT, Novomatic slots, Thunderkick slots, WMS slots, and more are all known for their expertise when it comes to developing a range of casino games. You may have seen a few of these names if you’ve ever played online poker, roulette or blackjack, and these have also been developing top slots games for many years. If you are looking for new real money casino slots, we suggest going for a game listed on this site that interests you in terms of theme, bonus or playability, as well as take a quick look in terms of who has developed it.

New real money casino slots

Whether you are a new player interested in getting into video slots, or a seasoned player seeking the latest releases, we hope the information about new slot games for 2019 here on Slotathon has been useful.

Free new slots no download (i.e. those that online require your browser), take a look now at our huge database of new games. Once you click through, some games will give you the option to play online for free so you can test out the gameplay and even use up your free spins.

To make the most of our latest games, however, we recommended downloading versions onto your PC or smart device, which should only take a minute or so given the fact that these program files sizes are relatively small.

Again, you may be given the option to try out the game for free (with free spins), but this depends on the game provider. Once you want to play for real money, you will first need to register with a valid email address (they may send you a verification code to prove it is really you). You should also make sure that you are based in a country in which the particular game is licensed to operate, as gambling in some countries is illegal.

After a quick registration process, the next step to take if you want to play spins for real money is to activate your account and then head to the ‘Banking’ page. Here, you will be given several options for uploading funds to your personal account. The most common way is to deposit using a credit or debit card, while PayPal account holders can also upload funds using this method. Deposits typically take a few minutes for the casino to process, although if it is your first time the process of making a deposit could take a little longer.

Once your funds have cleared, you are then ready to play! Our new casino games make gambling easy, with a simple function allowing you to set the amount that you want to bet each time you spin those reels. We recommend that you start out with a minimal amount, as it can be easy to hit that ‘spin’ button several times a minute, with those minutes quickly turning into hours. However, as with any kind of gambling, the more money you bet (or ‘wager’), the more you will get back in cases where you hit a winning combination or accumulate winnings through a bonus round.

A final note on withdrawing with our new 2019 games. The fund withdrawal process (i.e. transferring your funds from your online casino account back into your bank or PayPal account) is just as easy as making a deposit, however, the process does a bit longer. In most cases, it should take between 2-5 days, but this depends on how much you are withdrawing and your chosen method of banking.

Contacting Slotathon

If you have any questions or encounter any issues with any of the new casino slot machines available on the site, then please feel free to contact Slotathon via our Contact Page.