Mobile Slots

Nowadays, there is no need to go all the way to Las Vegas to play slots. OK — you probably knew that already, but with huge advances in technology and dramatically improved game development, playing mobile slots from home or on the go is easier than ever.

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So, ditch the desktop PC and play your slot games via your smartphone or tablet. This page of Slotathon dedicated to providing everything you need to know about online mobile slots. Read on to find the latest games, free games, info about bonuses and an explanation of how to play mobile slots real money.

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The best mobile slots for real money

Let’s cut to the chase; you’re probably looking for the best mobile slots on the market today. So, here are our 4 favorite casinos offering new mobile slots that you can be playing in just a few minutes…

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Play the following free mobile slots for fun

Want to play right slots now but don’t want to risk your money — especially without knowing exactly how the games work in terms of the rules and pay-out systems? Our no download mobile slots hold the answer; the selection below require no download and no sign-up.

Free mobile slots no download:

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Are all mobile online slots compatible on mobile devices?

A commonly asked question by many players around the world: can I play any type of slots game on my particular mobile device?

The short answer here is no, you can’t any game as Apple does not support Adobe Flash. However, nowadays hundreds of mobile slots games are available whereas a few years ago this wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately, many casino games have been built based on Flash, a type of computer coding language. The good news here is that there is an alternative – meaning you can play away to your heart’s content on your phone or tablet. The answer lies in HTML5, which has become the new standard for game development. Mobile casino slots built using HTML5 are compatible across a broad range of mobile devices, including the latest iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets.

When using your mobile device, mobile slot games can either be downloaded or played on mobile optimized web browsers such as Safari and Chrome. For the best gameplay, many people recommend downloading a free mobile casino slots onto your device and then choosing a game from there.

Mobile phone casino slots can be downloaded using different links online, the App Store, Google Play Store or directly through sites like this. All in all, the process of downloading a mobile casino slot game is about as simple as downloading an app like Facebook or Uber.

Types of mobile casino slots

When it comes to playing the top mobile casino slots, in 2019 (and beyond) you have more choice than ever – probably more game types and concepts than you’d find even in the biggest casinos in Vegas!

Below, we give you a quick rundown on the types of mobile casino video slots that you can play today.

  • Classic:

The slot machine, widely known in the States as the ‘one-armed bandit’ machine, is synonymous with those iconic symbols including varieties of fruit (especially cherries), Lucky number 7s, ‘BAR’ and jackpot symbols. You can still play these nostalgic classic games, which still prove popular mobile slots with millions of players today. The general aim of the game is to match up symbols along a central payline that has three reels (eg. get three $ symbols in a row and you’re in for a big pay-out) – although new varieties have various bonus rounds and additional reels.

  • 3 Reel vs 5 Reel:

Three reel slots generally refer to the classic type of game mentioned above, but with advances in tech and a growing demand for more engaging, fun games, the best mobile slots games are more complex than ever. These normally comprise 5 different reels with potentially hundreds of paylines (ways in which you can win).

At first, these can be a little bit confusing in terms of how you can play and ultimately win money. This is why free mobile slots online are such a good idea, so you can basically try (and learn the ropes) before you risk your hard-earned money on casino mobile slots.

These 5-reel games also have a plethora of themed symbols, combinations of paylines, and engrossing graphics. Which brings is onto the next variety…

  • Video and 3D games:

These futuristic games, which often comprise 5 reels as described above, make those old fruit machine slots look like something straight out of a 1950s US museum. With mobile online video slots, you can expect awesome graphics and sound effects that will make you feel part of playing an actual game (rather than just hitting a button repeatedly) – just as if you were playing a PS4, Xbox or new gaming app.

Video slots also offer mobile slots bonus offers that you can take of advantage of, as well as free spins, jackpots and more. 3D gameplay is another new feature we are seeing more often. The diverge from the normal 2D screen (showing just the reels and symbols), with the 3D element often being a cut-scene as part of a bonus round or inter-game game challenge.

As mentioned before, many of the these can be played directly via your mobile device or are games which have been optimized to play on your mobile browser (free mobile slots no download).

  • Progressive Jackpot Games:

The clue is in the name here with this type of new mobile casino slots game. As time progresses, and more players log-in and play a particular game, the jackpot accumulates. This works as the casino hosting the slots on your mobile phone will cypher off a small portion of the amount betted each time a player makes a bet. This is then put directly towards an ever-growing jackpot, which all players have the chance to win by landing that secret combination of symbols set by the casino.

In the past, players have won hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars on no deposit mobile slots bonus games – all by betting minimal amounts of money on each spin of those revolving reels.

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Types of mobile slots bonus

Below, Sotathon gives you a rundown of what you should know when looking for and playing our featured mobile no deposit bonus slots.

The whole point of mobile slots no deposit bonus (i.e. no money deposit is required upfront and you get a bonus just by playing), is to entice new slots players and then to keep them playing. We make no secrets about this. Casinos, who always have the house advantage, always have the edge, but these potentially lucrative bonuses increase your chances of walking away in profit (which is definitely not guaranteed). Plus, this enhances the element of fun.

Look out for mobile slots no deposit sign up bonus (mobile slots no deposit required) and you will be in with a chance of winning from the get-go, without committing any money. What you win from your sign up bonus is never going to be enough to pay off your mortgage, but it can help tempt you into continuing playing your mobile slot game of choice and potentially winning even more (and of course, having fun along the way).

New mobile slots no deposit bonus have other elements to them which you should consider; have a look at the number of free spins each casino offers and how much free credit they give you upfront.

However, the most important thing here to understand is the terms and conditions regarding how you use your free mobile slots with no deposit. Check the small print which will explain the wagering requirements and how these relate to the bonuses. You need to check how much real money you can potentially win. A lot of the best mobile phone slots will set rules in terms of how much you bet, how long you play a game for, and other criteria, all of which will dictate the cash you can redeem from that ‘free bonus cash’ first offered.

New mobile slots

New games are released every month by the leading software manufacturers. Slotathon, your dedicated mobile slots casinos portal, aims to showcase them here for you to play – and hopefully win (or at least have fun playing free mobile slots).

Feel free to browse our site to find Android and iPhone compatible no deposit mobile slots.

Best mobile casino slots – deposit methods

For casino slots for mobile phone, players nowadays have a variety of options in terms of how they play, how they upload money to bet with, or if they even want to bet real money at all. The best free mobile slots encompass them all.

Let’s start with the most common option: signing up and uploading funds to play with online. After all, as the saying goes, you need money to make money. [Disclaimer: you also need money to lose money, which unfortunately many people do when gambling irresponsibly online].

Anyway, to upload your funds to play with, there are a variety of options at your disposal.

Paypal casino mobile slots today are one of the most commonly used types of slots available. Why? Because it’s incredibly convenient. Most people will know how to use PayPal in terms of setting up an account, depositing funds and withdrawing cash back into their bank account.

With the top mobile slots games, PayPal is easy to link up. Just supply your PayPal affiliated email address and password and you are good to go. In fact, the time it takes to transfer money from your PayPal account to your mobile slots sites can take just minutes. Please take note, however, that this exact same process when done in reverse (i.e. transferring your funds held in your online casino account back to your PayPal account (commonly known as ‘withdrawing’) can take a few days as the casino needs to verify the whole process (and generally makes it a little bit more awkward to transfer money in the opposite direction.)

Other Banking Options

If PayPal if not your thing, you have plenty of other options if you want to play free mobile slots for real money.

Look out for mobile slots pay by text, mobile slots paysafecard and mobile slots pay by phone bill for other options, all of which are additional ways of unloading funds through text message, paysafecard and phone bills respectively. For some examples of the best PayPal mobile slots, please take a moment to visit some of the sites that we have identified as accepting PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Tips on finding the best real money mobile sites (real money mobile casino slots)

For the best online mobile slots, you need to be finding the ones that offer the chance to play for real money. The slots mobile world is all about dynamic games, futuristic graphics plus the added attraction of winning money – something which other console games simply don’t offer.

For the best slots for mobile that have been released in 2019 and beyond, check out our handpicked selection and download directly from Slotathon today!

Overview of some the major software manufacturers that develop the best free online mobile slots games.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the game developers to look out for who are creating the featured games on our site…

There are a host of game and software developers producing mobile slot casinos today, including no deposit mobile slots.

So, what names should you be looking out for?

Some of the big names in the game include IGT, NetEnt slots, WMS slots, Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft slots, 1×2 slots, Bally, Novomatic slots, Thunderkick slots, and more. These all produce free android mobile slots and other mobile slot games for free – all, of course, can be played on your mobile device for real money. Search on our site for igt mobile slots, netent mobile slots and wms mobile slots.

Improving the performance of free slots mobile on your phone?

Perhaps the main factor that has facilitated the rise of casino slots for mobile phone over the last few years has been the wider access to the internet for people on the go. Before you were restricted to only playing at home (via home Wi-Fi or LAN connections – remember that?). You can now play casino mobile slots from almost anywhere in the world, as long as you are not on top of a mountain or going through a tunnel. 3G, 4G and generally faster, more widely available network coverage makes the lives of mobile slots players around the world so much easier.

How you can optimise data usage when playing mobile slots?

When playing mobile slot games online, it is easy to drain your phone’s data – especially if you are running other apps at the same time. While these games are not particularly heavy on data usage, we do have some quick tips to save you from going over your monthly limit:

  • Monitor how much data your games use over the course of an hour or so, then plan from there in terms of how much data you will need over the course of a month;
  • Pick a data plan/contract that suits your needs – often 2GB or 3GB extra is all you will need and this doesn’t cost a lot;
  • Download mobile slots for real money using a Wi-Fi connection or play free mobile slots games using the same; and
  • Stop streaming YouTube and Netflix using your mobile data!

Tips on playing mobile slots on your phone or tablet

For slots games free download for mobile, there are certain things you can do to improve the all-round gaming performance. Our tips include to play free mobile casino slots and try different sites in free mode. Also, when playing mobile online slots real money, just make a small deposit initially and then attempt a withdrawal shortly afterwards; this is one way to test the customer service quality and responsiveness of the site.


If you want to play mobile slots for real money, mobile slots tournaments are another great option which you can find on Slotathon. These usually go on for between one and two days, with huge prize pools available with thousands of dollars at stake.

Rather than play free mobile slots or free mobile penny slots, tournaments require betting money each time – many of which take on exciting sports, TV and cartoon themes. There is also an interactive element here, too, which adds to the fun.

We hope the information here on this page about real money slots mobile and mobile slots real money no deposit has been useful. Get started now by downloading or playing any of the featured games for free. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to resolve any issues you have if you are playing mobile slots for real money.