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Everything about the Pink Panther slot machine is perfect except one thing–the sound! They fail on 2 aspects about the audio.

First, there’s a silence after each unlucky spin. It really kills the mojo of the game. Second, I think they could have given more justice to the cartoon if they stuck with the original music. I say this not only because it’s fun and quirky in itself, but it’s just that iconic! I’m sure that when people find the game online and click on it, the tune is already playing in their heads while it’s loading.

Overall, however, the game is fantastic! The reel itself is pretty basic and it’s actually the 4 bonus games that give it that extra level of entertainment. It’s also in these features where most of the bonuses and multipliers can be won. Among the 4, I particularly enjoyed Crack The Pink Code because it’s a game where you are made to open safes and hope that you’ll get a bonus inside. I personally enjoy the thrill of being completely in the dark of what I’ll be getting.

Lastly, I like that they added a card game option. If you get bored with spinning all the time, you can try your luck at cards.

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Pink Panther
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Reviewed by Dan Johnson